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The Essentials - Histadine - Hemp Rug

Rendering the invisible visible...the art of transmission.

We have created these “prayer” rugs as honorific artifacts of our structural survival. The nine essential amino acids, each of which cannot be synthesized de novo are indispensable to our human life. The two rug collections entitled THE ESSENTIALS 1. Hemp + 1. Nettle: 100 knots per square inch manually knotted in Kathmandu, Nepal... whose ground literally and figuratively embodies the weft’s natural fibers of hemp or nettle through which emerge the once invisible molecular forms rendered visible through the expanded scale of knotting. We raise our hands to pray... We raise our hands to create evidence of systems grander than our mere mortal accounting. Hence, the prayer rug woven by hand depicting evidence of the invisible systems of our structural existence.

Materials: Hemp + wool + silk
Knots per sq. inch: 100
Dimensions: 3' x 5'

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