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Roped into Rolling - Large Rope


In the spheres of nautical purpose, Manila Rope, manufactured from Abacá, a native plant of the Philippines, is utilized to tether or moor ships to a secure dock or floating mooring.

Here in this conceptual visual conundrum....we have wrapped with the very element, Manila rope, associated with securing an object (boat) to a subject (dock)....a mobile untethered spherical form. Thus there is no stability of connection to a secure object. The only stability is the wrapping of the sphere itself. You can rest upon, sit upon, stand upon depending on your balance these sphere...Manila Rope is utilized for nautical purposes due to the inherent properties of this rope to resist degradation due to salt water.

We recommend that you place these balls in an indoor environment to maintain the colors. These spheres may be placed in the exterior if a weathered grey is desired. Each sphere is hand wrapped and assembled in our studios in Vallejo, California, a former location for the shipbuilding facilities of the United States Navy.

Dimensions: 24" diameter
Materials: Manila Hemp

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